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Version: 6.x.x

Debugging WebViews

Debugging info

WebViews and some controllers have debugging info enabled by default when your flutter app is running in debug mode (based on the kDebugMode flutter constant value).

You can change the DebugLoggingSettings properties of the following static properties:

  • InAppWebView and HeadlessInAppWebView through PlatformInAppWebViewController.debugLoggingSettings;
  • PlatformChromeSafariBrowser.debugLoggingSettings for ChromeSafariBrowser specific events;
  • PlatformInAppBrowser.debugLoggingSettings for InAppBrowser specific events, otherwise PlatformInAppWebViewController.debugLoggingSettings;
  • PlatformFindInteractionController.debugLoggingSettings;
  • PlatformPullToRefreshController.debugLoggingSettings;
  • PlatformWebAuthenticationSession.debugLoggingSettings.

For example, to disable all WebView debugging info:

PlatformInAppWebViewController.debugLoggingSettings.enabled = false;

Instead, to exclude debugging info of specific WebView events:


PlatformInAppWebViewController.debugLoggingSettings comes with a default list of excluded events and maxLogMessageLength value:

maxLogMessageLength: 1000,
excludeFilter: [

Inspect Android WebViews

On Android, in order to enable/disable debugging WebViews using chrome://inspect/#devices on Chrome, you should use the InAppWebViewController.setWebContentsDebuggingEnabled(bool debuggingEnabled) static method.

For example, you could call it inside the main function:

Future main() async {

if (!kIsWeb && defaultTargetPlatform == {
await InAppWebViewController.setWebContentsDebuggingEnabled(true);

runApp(new MyApp());

Inspect iOS and MacOS WebViews

On iOS < 16.4 and MacOS < 13.3, debugging WebViews on Safari through developer tools is always enabled. There isn't a way to enable or disable it.

For iOS >= 16.4 and MacOS >= 13.3, you need to set InAppWebViewSettings.isInspectable setting to true for each WebView you want to inspect on Safari through developer tools.