This list is generated from the ChromeSafariBrowser API Reference.

  • addMenuItem: Adds a ChromeSafariBrowserMenuItem to the menu. (READ MORE)
  • addMenuItems: Adds a list of ChromeSafariBrowserMenuItem to the menu. (READ MORE)
  • close: Closes the ChromeSafariBrowser instance. (READ MORE)
  • isOpened: Returns true if the ChromeSafariBrowser instance is opened, otherwise false. (READ MORE)
  • open: Opens the ChromeSafariBrowser instance with an url. (READ MORE)
  • throwIsAlreadyOpened: (READ MORE)
  • throwIsNotOpened: (READ MORE)
  • static isAvailable: On Android, returns true if Chrome Custom Tabs is available. On iOS, returns true if SFSafariViewController is available. Otherwise returns false. (READ MORE)